Pivotal GemFire Native Client Cache Reference  9.0.6
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cgemfire::AssertDeclares debugging assertion reporting functions
 Cgemfire::CacheAttributesFactoryCreates instances of CacheAttributes
 Cgemfire::CqEventThis interface provides methods to get all the information sent from the server about the CQ event
 Cgemfire::CqStateThis interface gives information on the state of a CqQuery
 Cgemfire::DataInputProvide operations for reading primitive data values, byte arrays, strings, Serializable objects from a byte stream
 Cgemfire::DataOutputProvide operations for writing primitive data values, byte arrays, strings, Serializable objects to a byte stream
 Cgemfire::DeltaThis interface is used for delta propagation
 Cgemfire::DiskPolicyTypeEnumerated type for disk policy
 Cgemfire::ExpirationActionEnumerated type for expiration actions
 Cgemfire::HashMapOfSharedBaseRepresents a HashMap of SharedBase
 Cgemfire::HashMapT< TKEY, TVAL >HashMap of TKEY to TVAL
 Cgemfire::HashMapT< SharedPtr< CacheableString >, gemfire::SharedPtr >
 Cgemfire::HashSetOfSharedBaseRepresents a HashSet of SharedBase
 Cgemfire::HashSetT< TKEY >HashSet of TKEY
 Cgemfire::InternalCacheTransactionManager2PCExtension of the gemfire::CacheTransactionManager that enables client application to use Gemfire transaction as part of the global XA transaction
 Cgemfire::HashMapOfSharedBase::IteratorInterface of an iterator for HashMapOfSharedBase
 Cgemfire::VectorT< PTR_TYPE >::IteratorInterface of an iterator for VectorT
 Cgemfire::HashSetOfSharedBase::IteratorInterface of an iterator for HashSetOfSharedBase
 Cgemfire::HashSetT< TKEY >::IteratorInterface of an iterator for HashSetT
 Cgemfire::VectorOfSharedBase::IteratorInterface of an iterator for VectorOfSharedBase
 Cgemfire::LogDefines methods available to clients that want to write a log message to their GemFire system's shared log file
 Cgemfire::LogVarargsThese functions are added to facilitate logging in printf format
 COperationEnumerated type for Operation actions
 Cgemfire::PdxInstancePdxInstance provides run time access to the fields of a PDX without deserializing the PDX
 Cgemfire::PoolManagerManages creation and access to connection pools for clients
 Cgemfire::RegionEventDeclares region events
 Cgemfire::ScopeTypeEnumerated type for region distribution scope
 Cgemfire::SharedBaseThis abstract base class is the base class of all user objects that have the shared capability of reference counting
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< Target >Defines a reference counted shared pointer
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< AttributesFactory >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< AuthInitialize >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheableArrayType< TObj, TYPEID > >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheableKey >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheableString >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheableVector >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheAttributes >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheListener >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheLoader >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheStatistics >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CacheWriter >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< CqAttributes >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< Exception >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< PartitionResolver >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< PdxSerializer >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< PersistenceManager >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< PoolAttributes >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< PoolFactory >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< Properties >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< Region >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< SelectResults >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< StackTrace >
 Cgemfire::SharedPtr< UserData >
 Cgemfire::SignalHandlerRepresents a signal handler used for dumping stacks and attaching a debugger
 Cgemfire::SPEHelperHelper class for SharedPtr exceptions
 Cgemfire_statistics::StatisticDescriptorDescribes an individual statistic whose value is updated by an application and may be archived by GemFire
 Cgemfire_statistics::StatisticsAn instantiation of an existing StatisticsType object with methods for setting, incrementing and getting individual StatisticDescriptor values
 Cgemfire_statistics::StatisticsFactoryInstances of this interface provide methods that create instances of StatisticDescriptor and StatisticsType
 Cgemfire_statistics::StatisticsTypeUsed to describe a logical collection of StatisticDescriptors
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::SuperSubclass< TBase, TDerived >This struct helps us determine whether or not a class is a subclass of another at compile time, so that it can be used in templates
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::SuperSubclass< TBase, TBase >Specialization of SuperSubclass to return true for the special case when the two types being checked are same
 Cgemfire::SystemPropertiesA class for internal use, that encapsulates the properties that can be set from DistributedSystem::connect
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::UnwrapSharedPtr< T >This struct unwraps the type T inside SharedPtr
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::UnwrapSharedPtr< SharedArrayPtr< T, ID > >This struct unwraps the type T inside SharedArrayPtr
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::UnwrapSharedPtr< SharedPtr< T > >This struct unwraps the type T inside SharedPtr
 Cgemfire::VectorOfSharedBaseRepresents a vector of gemfire::SharedBasePtr
 Cgemfire::VectorT< PTR_TYPE >Vector template type class
 Cgemfire::VectorT< gemfire::SharedPtr >
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::YesNoType< getType >This struct helps convert a boolean value into static objects of different types
 Cgemfire::TypeHelper::YesNoType< false >Specialization of YesNoType for boolean value false

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